DHTML Animation - This is an exmple of a Dynamic HTML Animation.
At Jam Design we focus on providing complete solutions for small to medium sized businesses looking to build or enhance their web presence. We provide the ful compliment of web design and web development services alongside web hosting, domain name registration, search engine positioning, and consultancy.
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:: Other Services ::

Corporate Identity & Logo Design

At Jam Design we realise that your website is only one part of your sales and marketing strategy. In order to help you to get your new company off the ground, or to kickstart your existing company, we offer a range of affordable, professional logo, stationery design and printing services to help you give the right impression to your clients and prospective clients through all of your marketing materials. For more details visit our Corporate Identity & Logo Design Services page.

Domain Name Registration

Jam Design will register your web address or domain name with the relevant authority. Your domain name is an important part of your presence on the web. You may wish to select a domain name that reflects your company name, your product, your service, keywords that describe your product or service, or all or several of the above.

See if your domain name is still available using our domain checker.

Artwork, Graphics, Imaging & Video

We combine unique graphics custom designed for your website with your existing artwork to develop a unique online identity for your business or product. If your site requires the inclusion of music or other audio, we will optimise and encode your files for use on the web making best use of the available bandwidth.


To add interest to otherwise plain sites we create custom animations in Flash and DHTML or traditional animated gifs. These technologies allow us to accomplish more than is possible with traditional HTML. Used properly these technologies allow us to develop more creative websites and give you a unique identity on the web.

Banner and DHTML Advertisements

We can design banner adverts to all of the Official IAB/CASIE Internet Advertising Standard Banner Sizes. These can be static, animated gifs, dhtml, or flash adverts. The type of advert will often be restricted by the sites on which the advert is placed and we can help you to get the maximum impact whatever the limitations.

For clients without any restrictions we often design custom DHTML adverts that are more likely to gain a user's interest and therefore encourage users to visit your web site.

Existing Site Makeovers, Tuning & Enhancements

If you already have a website but would like certain elements added or removed or to make modifications to the style of the site then we can help you.

Online Shopping & e-Commerce

At Jam Design we offer bespoke online shopping solutions for your website, ranging from simple catalogues with e-mail ordering facilities to fully fledged e-commerce solutions with online credit card clearing, order processing and stock control. We will help you to determine what system best suits your requirements and as we are not limited by the use of any external software we can provide a custom service exclusively tailored for you and meeting precise requirements.

Programming, Scripting, Databases & Security

Whatever your requirements, you can be sure that your site is using bug free, secure scripts. We use C, C++, Java, Javascript, Perl, Visual Basic, and VB Script to develop applications and interactive elements for your site.

We use these in combination with various technologies, including, ASP, CGI, IHTML, JSP, PHP, and Shockwave for applications as diverse as simple database integration to fully fledged e-commerce solutions. This variety of programming languages and technologies allows us to provide the right solution whatever your needs.


Should you wish we will manage your site for you, keeping you up to date with the latest technologies and steering you through the minefield of acronyms, jargon, and unhelpful technical staff that you may otherwise encounter.

Website Hosting

We offer a range of web hosting packages to cover a wide range of requirements. We have packages starting as little as £150.00 pa for smaller sites to full blown customised dedicated servers for larger, more complex sites. Visit out website hosting page for more details.