At Jam Design we focus on providing complete solutions for small to medium sized businesses looking to build or enhance their web presence. We provide the ful compliment of web design and web development services alongside web hosting, domain name registration, search engine positioning, and consultancy.
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:: About Jam Design ::

About Jam Design

Located in Putney, London. We pride ourselves on developing bespoke website solutions for businesses of any size. We use a variety of technologies and platforms to provide you with the best e-solution, tailored to the needs of your business.

If after perusing this site you still have questions or would like a quote for a project then please do not hesitate to call us on +44 (0)20 7730 8083. Of course, you can also drop us an e-mail at: or use our contact form.

Our Clients

At Jam Design we realise that clients, like websites, come in all shapes and sizes and so we work with our clients to design and provide a website that suits their requirements today but is flexible enough to grow to fulfill their future needs.

The internet is constantly evolving and we use our expertise to keep our clients up to date with the ever changing technologies to ensure that their strategies are always up to date.

Our Methodology

Stage I
We are able to offer high quality web site design by discussing your needs carefully before starting any work and by consulting with you at key stages throughout the design process. Indeed, your full participation and input should not only ensure that you get the best results for your website but also that you get the website you intended.

At this point in the design process, you quantify exactly what you want in terms of sections, pages, functionality, colours, and so on. The more information we have about your website, the better, as the site's content will determine both its architecture and navigation. Feel free to consult with us as much as necessary at this stage, so that we are able to determine your needs and arrive at a specification that we can work from. Once this has been done, we quote a fixed fee for the design work taking all the above into account.

Stage II
Having reached agreement on the site outline, design elements and overall cost, we will invoice you for 33% of the quoted fee. On receipt of this, our design team starts work on your web site. Our aim at this stage is to generate a theme and 'first impression' for the website including a homepage and index navigation for the sections of the site. Colour schemes and any graphics and text you have provided will also be integrated into the design.

We then publish the files for your private appraisal. Feedback is important at this time to establish that we have a good basis for the rest of your web site. With your approval, we move on to stage three of the design process.

Stage III
The homepage should now look pretty much as envisaged with firm guidelines having been established for the rest of the site. This is the longest of the three stages, with the bulk of the website being completed and tested for usability. At this point, we would ask that any content changes be completed with the aim of producing a 'finished product'.

At the end of this stage, you should have a web site finished to your specification. On satisfactory completion, you are invoiced for the outstanding 67%, upon receipt of which, we publish the finished files to the Internet, thus making the site live and accessible by the public.